Another little mashup of words one might call poetry

It’s weird, yesterday, and a world away…

another’s fear story, promise of tomorrow

replaced, four seasons, Lacking influence

finding again, myself breathes

Love, renewed, burns brightly

inspiration, motivation, hope


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Back to the drawing board

My time in England has come to a heartbreaking end. My experience living in “the Okay U.K.” (as I’ve started calling it) for about three years has shown me a lot.  It’s amazing the delusions of some, in this illusion, we call life. Seems my ideas are a bit too broad for that little island. Starting from scratch at 40, nowhere to go but up from here! 

What follows here is a collection of pictures from my time there, many I felt I couldn’t share before now…


We are one. (Are you/we paying attention?)

We are all one, made of the same stuff even! We all choose to be here; and are contributing to the chaos we live in. Most of us move through this time, using an old vision of what the world is, one that was conjured up from a place of fear/control.

Let me elaborate; since being born, we have been told… Everything! Very few of us operate an “experience” basis. We each move through our day, contributing to the whole, with a story that has been told/sold to us. Not based on actual personal experience, we deny ourselves our own truth and experience. Stay with me here… 

Judgement, is a main contributor, in my opinion, that consistently overlooked, we are all guilty of it. For example, I am aware of a concept called abortion; however, as a gay man (a judgement I am forced to accept by this old vision, we maintain), what place do I have to have an opinion about it? I can not physically have a baby, or even possibly understand the experience. Therefore I have no opinion about it, even though I am regularly presented the opportunity. Are you a woman who has experienced that? If not, to say anything about it is a false, fear-based contribution to the universe. To have a judgement of a thing that is not part of your actual experiences, is to feed the fear, that is then used to control you. Don’t you see? The only valid judgement, is of yourself, you create your own experience. We get what we give, so live and let live.



I really had no idea what was going on up there, what to expect, other than some cold weather. What I found was a stunning landscape, the likes of which I could only compare to New Zealand. The weather, surprising enough, not as cold as most would probably think, keeping in mind it was only the second week of November. In all my travels, I must say this is the easiest, non-native, english speaking country to visit (if that’s a concern for you). Working their way to the darkest part of their year, made it way too easy to take pictures in Iceland…


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Reykjavik, Iceland

Having spent the last few days in the capital city, I’ve captured a few nice pics to share. Enjoy…  x 


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Been a minute since I posted, just been putting it off. So much going on, so much to share, or not, we’ll see…. For now, last night produced quite a few pictures I had to share. If you want to know more about where this was, just search: Banksy’s Dismaland.  

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about and that

I just realised I have been hoarding pictures, my bad…










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