Last full day in London

The Tower of London

Today was my last full day in London, as I head off tomorrow to prepare for my training which starts Monday. I saved some of the best things to do for last. I started off the day with a couple new friends over breakfast at a local pub. Then I moved on to the Tower of London. It was a very busy day there with a lot of people filling the entire place up. I did get a peek at the Crown Jewels, and saw where the bodies of the two princes were found, and had a Yeomen Warder (Beefeater) tour of the grounds before making the very short walk over to Tower Bridge. After walking the entire length of the bridge, I went to the exhibition, which the highlight of that was being able to walk along the top between the two towers of the bridge, and see some amazing views of that side of London.

Upon completion of the exhibition, I went on a river cruise up to Greenwich, where the Royal Observatory is located. It was a bit later in the day at this point, so I wasn’t able to go in. I did however get to stand on time line just outside, which is where Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) starts. Atop of the observatory there is a red ball that rises just in time to fall at 1PM each day, I got a nice picture of it poking out from the top of the building to share with you.

The Royal Observatory

After a short stroll through town there, I headed back on the river cruise. On the way back I was able to see the Tower Bridge open, that only happens about ten times a week now, as opposed to more that one hundred times a week over a century ago!

The Tower Bridge (Open)

A pretty great way to wrap up my “tourist time” in London, I reckon!

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  1. #1 by livinglearningeating on August 5, 2011 - 23:41

    I’m so excited for next weekend, when I fly to London! 🙂 Thanks for the pics!

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