Be careful what you ask for

I have had quite the journey since arriving here in San Diego. With in ten days of arriving I met someone, who showed me what love is/can be. It was the perfect example of power of creation; he is everything I could have ever dreamed of, however, I failed to be specific enough in my creation. In fact, that was just it, I was being too specific. You see, I was asking for all these different things but in a compartmentalized way. The universe being perfect as she is; gave me all those things, all at once! A beautiful lesson learned; be steadfast in what you ask for, but don’t get too specific!

Quite like in the movies, paths cross briefly, only to preview what is coming. Current circumstances in our lives, and in world politics prevent us from being together in the present. Sidenote: I find it interesting that our governments allow us to visit other places, and then say “nope, you can’t stay there”. Our souls knows nothing of these lines we have drawn across the globe with our egos. It’s quite egotistical really. haha So the universe revealed my creation to me, and how I was not being steadfast in my creation. It’s laughable that I asked for Europe, check, I asked for love, check. I finally asked for something to fill some time between, check.Creation complete.

Now back to living in the moment, while being steadfast in my creation with an even greater goal. God, this is such an awesome journey, and it just keeps going….


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