Expanding some.

As I enter my final week, (plenty more traveling just ahead yet) just a few random observations I have had from my travels here in South America…

– If you ever make it to Peru and Cusco specifically, take the guided tours, they really have their shit together there. Which may just be more of a shout out to SunGate Tours, but most everyone I crossed paths with had equally good experiences regardless. Of course, law of attraction and all; I don’t leave room for much else. Haha

– The really big cities (New York, London, Rome, São Paulo, just to name a few I have been to) are all strikingly similar, with a different cultural influence stirred into the pot. Much like island life all seems to have a common thread, just at a very different volume level.

Traveling to South America has forever changed my perception of the world and how we inhabit this beautiful planet we call home. Additionally, it makes me much more appreciative of some of the “Luxuries” available in other parts of the world (i.e. being able to flush that toilet paper you just used). While at the same time, I also question the necessity of a lot of them. It really doesn’t matter what your background is, where you are from, or who you “think” you are; being happy really is a choice!

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