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Paris, and break

I have reached the last destination, on my short european tour, Paris! From Notre Dame, to the Eiffel tower and all the other great places to visit, there is so much to do and see. I am not exactly sure I would agree that this is the “most romantic” city in the world, but it is a beautiful place to visit. I have only spent a few days here for now, I will be back.

Paris also marks the beginning of a new chapter. I feel though that this Nomad has finally accomplished what was set out for almost a year ago now; and have finally wore myself out of traveling (for now?). I have been very blessed to be able to check everything off of my bucket list, except the aurora borealis, wrong time of year now!

The places I have been, people I have met along the way, the unbelievable things that I have able to experience, have left me forever changed! I can say without question this has been the most amazing year of my life, so far! A huge thank you to everyone who has played a part in it, in any way. I am excited to see what unfolds ahead….








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The Netherlands! I have wanted to come here for a very long time. I find myself constantly saying “it’s so damn cute!”, everywhere I look, filled with color and vibrancy, it overwhelms the senses. The old mixes with the new, like no place I have ever seen. The people here are wonderful, and the service here, is of a very interesting sort. The level of efficiency is hard to put in words. And if you think you have comfortable shoes? This breathtaking place will confirm or laugh at that notion. Couple more days in Amsterdam and I will be off to my final bucket list destination, of my world tour (for now). I am feeling a sense of home settle in already…





















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Berlin is one of those places that was not originally part of my plan. After speaking to many people, who said I would enjoy it, I gave it a go! Not at all what I expected; I found a spacious city filled with nature, and lots of space to roam about. Berlin, is a big city, with tons of activities and places to see. I found within, a thriving “bohemian” influence, and very liberal and liberating feel. Something that seems very unique to me. It’s truly one of those places where you can find anything your heart desires. I will be back!









Jumping around Europe

I have spent the last couple weeks jumping around, wrapping up in Italy, and finally made it to Barcelona, and then into Germany. It has been a lot of traveling in a very short period of time. I figured it was time to share a few more pictures. Enjoy

P1010433 P1010470 P1010479 IMG_3238

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I only stayed two nights here, and this surely was not enough time. Florence is everything one could expect. Just the right size in my opinion, to not feel lost in the buzz of a big city, but yet still has everything you could ever ask for; art, architecture, great food, coffee (this is Italy after all). I will be putting this location on the “revisit” list for sure!






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Venice, Revisited.

I made a short flight (relative to the recent ones I have been making) across Europe to spend a bit more time in Venice. This time was different, not having to worry about when the ship was going set sail. I found a beautiful new (to me) side to the city making memories that will last a lifetime. Sometimes, you can pick up where you left off! Also, I captured a couple new pictures to share, enjoy…





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London, again.

Recently spent a little more time in London. This time around I wasn’t rushed around visiting the tourist sites, as I covered all those three years ago. If you haven’t seen the posts I made from when I was here before, what are you waiting for? (if you are on the “full version” of my website, there is a drop down list on the right that says “Blast from the past” select July and/or august 2011.

This visit was much more relaxed, if London can be relaxed. Spent most of my days wandering aimlessly around, finding all kinds of experiences waiting for me, see my instagram. London is really an amazing city, in the diversity of its people and all the things to see and do. I am not sure even an entire lifetime would be enough to take it all in.




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