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Te Ika a Maui

Kia Ora!

I couldn’t come over to this part of the world and skip New Zealand. Since my last post, I have torn up the north island. Having just today, made the ferry crossing to the south island. I figured this was as good a place as any to make my next post.

New Zealand, as promised is unlike anyplace I have ever been, stunningly beautiful. Even with all the rain and clouds that would probably ruin it for most, I see nothing but beauty every where I look, “As you do”. The weather, making picture-taking challenging, here are a few for you to enjoy as I move on to exploring the south island. Sweet as!







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And that’s Australia.

On my final eve of what has been a great highlights tour, through a fair amount of places in about five weeks. The few little side-steps I have made will probably turn out to be the most memorable…

Sydney, Sydney in Brisbane.
and Melbourne, in different ways, you both stole my heart!
Great ocean road and the less than twelve apostles, stunning, didn’t see that coming.
Beautiful blonde Cairns, you will always be; bringing an old vision finally, to life!

Mardi Gras beginning, to the great reef finale. All that “Magic” packed throughout!
Knowing more magic is just ahead,
the nomadic ram roams on…






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A trip “home”

Another of my bucket list items has been to drive the Pacific Coast Highway. I have now completed the southern part of California up to Santa Cruz. (Gotta save some for next time) Also, I had to split off there to finally return to where I was born. Having been almost 30 years since being in the area, I decided it was time to go. Another bucket list item, because it’s a military base which requires me to have a “sponsor” to go, and until recently that was not a possibility.

It was quite an experience to see it all again, as an adult. It helped me understand where quite a few preferences come from in my life. and until now I never really knew, why some of those existed for me. While there were lots of changes that have happened I was surprised by how much was still the same. It was just a short trip, yet I gained so much from it, including a sense of “roots” that I never really had before. Still not enough to break the nomad in me though. Hang on to your hats boys and girls, more to come very soon!








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Expanding some.

As I enter my final week, (plenty more traveling just ahead yet) just a few random observations I have had from my travels here in South America…

– If you ever make it to Peru and Cusco specifically, take the guided tours, they really have their shit together there. Which may just be more of a shout out to SunGate Tours, but most everyone I crossed paths with had equally good experiences regardless. Of course, law of attraction and all; I don’t leave room for much else. Haha

– The really big cities (New York, London, Rome, São Paulo, just to name a few I have been to) are all strikingly similar, with a different cultural influence stirred into the pot. Much like island life all seems to have a common thread, just at a very different volume level.

Traveling to South America has forever changed my perception of the world and how we inhabit this beautiful planet we call home. Additionally, it makes me much more appreciative of some of the “Luxuries” available in other parts of the world (i.e. being able to flush that toilet paper you just used). While at the same time, I also question the necessity of a lot of them. It really doesn’t matter what your background is, where you are from, or who you “think” you are; being happy really is a choice!

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Amazon Rainforest

This trip has marked many firsts for me. First time below the equator, first time on this continent and not to mention all the wildlife I have seen, also for the first time. The diversity of life here on this planet is something that never fails to impress me. Therefore, I couldn’t pass up a trip to rainforest while I am in South America. The most amazing part of the experience was each night, as I lay down to sleep ;was the noise, so loud, yet completely comforting.







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Machu Picchu, Finally!

For more than half of my life, this has been at the top of my list of places to visit. The experience was way more than I could ever put into words. Probably one of the most interesting facts I learned, is that these formations are not considered ruins, it is believed that construction was never in fact finished. I can only imagine what it would have been if it had been finished, either way it is truly awesome. I was fortunate enough to do my research and be one of the 400 people a day to hike Waynapicchu. This is the taller, more narrow of the two mountains you always see in pictures directly behind the citadel. For me this was a life changing experience, and unlike anything I have ever done.

IMG_0894 IMG_0920 IMG_0872 IMG_0871 IMG_0869 IMG_0859 IMG_0928

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Reblog: Do not put me in a box

Almost could have wrote this myself, I think it deserves my first “reblog”.

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departing tucson

Channel surfing. disgusts me.
The place dreams go to die
attempting to distract
dominating thoughts, failing
blessed by our experience;
I go because it was my
plan, also you asked. if only
you’d say, I would stay, forever
I could say, love, all that
is, yet doesn’t endure. missing
something unsure of what, it is.
not worth effort displayed, despite
what’s been declared. scream of
confusion nowhere, now here
declare your desire, be true to
you, doing you. can I not be there
for, all my desire, you.

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Sunshine this morning helps
blue sky mind clears, life breath
fly free, hawk-like even. raised
awareness, heightens senses
chills the bone from the passing
cold, erect nipples. Feelings, soul,
flow comes from good, embrace it.
strength unseen, unknown, renewed
light, dandelion seed like, I feel flow.
turn from, the negative, it fails to


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monotony of the mundane

going from, never felt like
I have less to hide, feeling undone
raw, stripped. colder weather
is better a reason, numb. finding unavailable, exhausting. takes
toll, expectations looming
arriving that, not, exciting moment
all fall. was easy, will be renewed.
All trying to prove a point, not even there.