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I only stayed two nights here, and this surely was not enough time. Florence is everything one could expect. Just the right size in my opinion, to not feel lost in the buzz of a big city, but yet still has everything you could ever ask for; art, architecture, great food, coffee (this is Italy after all). I will be putting this location on the “revisit” list for sure!






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Venice, Revisited.

I made a short flight (relative to the recent ones I have been making) across Europe to spend a bit more time in Venice. This time was different, not having to worry about when the ship was going set sail. I found a beautiful new (to me) side to the city making memories that will last a lifetime. Sometimes, you can pick up where you left off! Also, I captured a couple new pictures to share, enjoy…





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Third from my last european port I will be getting to experience, I decided that it was not OK that I had been to Napoli quite a few times and had not made time for Pompeii. This is a place I remember hearing about when I was quite young and was fascinated by the story of what had happened back in the first century. What a terrible experience that must have been, but at least from what we can tell it was quick. It was an amazing experience to be able to see it in person.


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1.5 cruises left

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity that I do, working on a cruse ship and seeing parts of Italy, Spain, France and Croatia. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off from work exploring these different places and cultures, along with the people on the ship from all over the world! I am sitting at a restaurant about 500 feet from the Colosseum in Rome and am filled with feelings of gratitude. What an amazing world we live in!

The ship i am working on is in the middle of a 9 day cruise and we have one 12 day cruise left before we cross the atlantic to the Caribbean for what is left of my 9 month contract. I have mixed feelings about this, I am excited for the opportunity to visit more places I have never been, and am very sad to be leaving europe (for now). I am looking forward to coming back and wonder what else the future holds. Namaste

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Venice at night!

Venice @ Night

Since my last post, I have been back to Venice again and was able to see it at night! I only had a couple of hours to walk around after working a 14 hour day, but it was worth it, and what a great way to end the day. In one word Magical, if you ever have the chance to get to Venice you must make sure you can be there at night-time, it’s a completely different experience!

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