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Another little mashup of words one might call poetry

It’s weird, yesterday, and a world away…

another’s fear story, promise of tomorrow

replaced, four seasons, Lacking influence

finding again, myself breathes

Love, renewed, burns brightly

inspiration, motivation, hope


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That’s a wrap! ;)

A bit more than week spent in Rio De Janeiro wraps up my time in South America and what an amazing a venture it has been! Rio is quite a crazy place, and I really can’t think of a better word for it. The way the city twists around the formations of the hills and rocks is very mesmerizing.







I have made many new friends all over the world as a result of my travels here in South America, and having been here I changed has changed me. I find it amazing how well people are able to communicate, even when they don’t share the same language. When you live life from a place of love, that’s all there is to experience. I am continually overwhelmed with emotions and a feeling of gratitude. I love creating, and am excited for what’s just ahead….

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This moment

Fucking ego, I see your part
in it now, you will not win
knowing where my choice strayed
choose love, unconditional
feelings be guide to all that is
embrace what is good. Love

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why not?

having stumbled my way upon half three of

what turns up to be an escape, contemplate clouds

arousing thought like most currently eludes

fear, feeded from dark rock and awake beautiful

reality consumed. Love soul peace brightens-our

illusion show, ways to happiness of choice

desiring more to see truth, clearly before

it, appears a box from places no longer

valid, fearful history consumes, experience

if peering through a dream that clings tight

breeze through sporadic hiccups emerged

understanding of limitations uncovered

unfolding gratitude indeed, naturally.

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a beautiful insight

…from a beautiful soul. Give this a read, may just help you to understand something about yourself.


Blessed Samhain.

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The journey continues.

It never ceases to amaze me how much things can change in as short a period as one month. And what a month it has been!

It’s good to have plans and/or goals but keep an open mind, something better may just come along, and usually does!

The powers that be have blessed me with yet another opportunity to express and experience love. In the form of a beautiful person both inside an out, we have decided to share our paths. I am overflowing with gratitude. A connection like this was not possible for me before now; I realize this. When you are ready for the experience, the opportunity will always meet you, always.

Also, I gave up Facebook. This sounds like a simple thing to do, but turns out to be more of a challenge than I thought. It is quite interesting how many times I find myself reaching for my iPod, and there is nothing to look at. Also, how much more time I have, not sifting through all the dumb pictures with sayings that add nothing to a sense of purpose. When I first signed up, it was a great way to keep in contact with friends. As time went on, it seems to be less and less original content. Not to mention all the tracking, marketing, and other invasions of privacy. I am choosing not to participate any longer. I figure this is a much better place to share anyway.

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Do you want more?

Currently I am making base in Tucson. While here, I am spending time with some of the dearest people in my world, and as always meeting lots of new and interesting people.

My main focus however, has been gearing up for a full on backpacking, globe trotting adventure. I will be jumping around the U.S. a bit before heading out of the country around the end of the year. I have once again been blessed with an amazing opportunity to be able to do and extended amount of travel. This means this blog will get a lot more active again. I am so excited to share my continued adventures.

It is so awesome how the universe provides what you desire, when you keep focus! You truly are the creator of your own experience.


P.S. – if you haven’t already, now might be a good time to sign up for email notifications of new posts. (see top right of the page on the “full version”)

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DOMA is dead.

Love is all there is, no thing else is real. It makes my heart full to hear that ego didn’t win in this time around.

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Be careful what you ask for

I have had quite the journey since arriving here in San Diego. With in ten days of arriving I met someone, who showed me what love is/can be. It was the perfect example of power of creation; he is everything I could have ever dreamed of, however, I failed to be specific enough in my creation. In fact, that was just it, I was being too specific. You see, I was asking for all these different things but in a compartmentalized way. The universe being perfect as she is; gave me all those things, all at once! A beautiful lesson learned; be steadfast in what you ask for, but don’t get too specific!

Quite like in the movies, paths cross briefly, only to preview what is coming. Current circumstances in our lives, and in world politics prevent us from being together in the present. Sidenote: I find it interesting that our governments allow us to visit other places, and then say “nope, you can’t stay there”. Our souls knows nothing of these lines we have drawn across the globe with our egos. It’s quite egotistical really. haha So the universe revealed my creation to me, and how I was not being steadfast in my creation. It’s laughable that I asked for Europe, check, I asked for love, check. I finally asked for something to fill some time between, check.Creation complete.

Now back to living in the moment, while being steadfast in my creation with an even greater goal. God, this is such an awesome journey, and it just keeps going….


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Love is:

Without Expectation.

Ponder that for a while. 😉

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