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Another little mashup of words one might call poetry

It’s weird, yesterday, and a world away…

another’s fear story, promise of tomorrow

replaced, four seasons, Lacking influence

finding again, myself breathes

Love, renewed, burns brightly

inspiration, motivation, hope


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I really had no idea what was going on up there, what to expect, other than some cold weather. What I found was a stunning landscape, the likes of which I could only compare to New Zealand. The weather, surprising enough, not as cold as most would probably think, keeping in mind it was only the second week of November. In all my travels, I must say this is the easiest, non-native, english speaking country to visit (if that’s a concern for you). Working their way to the darkest part of their year, made it way too easy to take pictures in Iceland…


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Reykjavik, Iceland

Having spent the last few days in the capital city, I’ve captured a few nice pics to share. Enjoy…  x 


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about being nomadic…

I have been very blessed to always feel loved, supported and encouraged. I’ve been doing some thinking, recently, on people who I have been able share my life with thus far. While most of the relationships I have had have concluded (or evolved) in a good direction, there have been quite a few that have not. With this transition period I am going though, has come a fair amount of soul-searching and contemplating. I am contemplating how I end up hurting the people I care about the most, when it is time for me to move on. Being aware that I am not solely responsible, for another persons experiences and/or happiness, I would love to find a better way to follow my heart and path, without the feeling of leaving devastation or heartbreak in my wake.

I find it a bit entertaining though that “people” have such a hard time understanding how someone can live with no place to call “home”. I often hear a vocal inflection or get a facial expression that says “how sad”, when for me the exact opposite is true. At times, I even feel bad for people who are so stuck in their life and they cannot see past it. It has been very interesting, for example, trying to explain to credit card companies that I am about to start traveling for an indefinite period of time, and will be unreachable by phone or snail mail. It’s humorous that the companies can’t seem to handle anything out of the norm.

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